Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater Products


UL Listed Control Panels

Breakout Junction Boxes


SurePump™ Wheeled Sump Drainer

SurePump™ Vertical Sump Drainer

TSP Submersible Pump

Monitoring Systems:

Monitoring Systems & Components

Level Monitoring System

Flow Monitoring Systems

EPG Tank Gauging System

Telemetry, SCADA & Data Acquisition:

E-Wave™ Wireless Switch

Data Acquisition Case History

Choosing Your SCADA System - A Pre-System Assessment

SCADA System Resources

We have a complerte line of SCADA and telemetry equipment including wireless radios and modems, RTUs, PLCs and software packages.

See NBT, our telemetry and SCADA division or call EPG and ask for a SCADA specialist.

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