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(See also: LMSA 500 Portable Liquid Level Monitoring System)

The LevelMaster™ Stand Alone (LMSA) Liquid Level Monitoring System monitors and displays liquid levels in sideslope risers, wells, tanks, sumps, reservoirs, and settling ponds including corrosive, viscous, hot, explosive, and slurry-type liquids. The Level Monitoring System includes the following time-tested, field-proven components:

* Available seperately or as part of a complete system.

*LevelMaster™ CH1000 Level Meter:
An easy-to-program meter used to monitor liquid levels. Includes level meter memory, digital display, can be configured in any measurement increment and optional output relays can be used as a level controller.

*LevelMaster™ Level Sensor:
A fully submersible and extremely accurate liquid level sensor with oustanding noise immunity, SS housing, built-in temperature compensation and precise calibration.

EPG Panel Heater:
The built-in thermostatically controlled panel heater maintains minimum temperature and eliminates condensation, optimizing meter accuracy and extending the life of the system.

Fused Power Supply/Surge Supressor/NEMA4X Enclosure*:
Option: intrinsically safe barrier

Available Options:

For more liquid level and flow measuring and control components, see:
Monitoring Systems and Componenets

LevelMaster™ Stand Alone Level Monitoring System
LMSA Stand Alone Liquid Level Monitoring System
Level Meter, Microprocessor-based level meter, liquid level metering
LevelMaster™ CH1000 Level Meter *
Liquid Level Sensor, Submersible Level Sensor, Submersible Level Transducers
LevelMaster™ Level Sensor *
LMSA Level Monitoring Brochure

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