EPG SurePump Product Highlights

The EPG SurePumpTM Sump Drainers provide superior performance for both horizontal side slope riser and vertical sump applications. Both models are available in a wide range of flow rates, discharge heads and motor voltages. The SurePump, constructed of stainless steel, provides resistance to aggressive environments. Factory and field testing has shown that the integral E-GlideTM bearings with better heat and wear resistance outlast Teflon* 4 to 1. The bearings and seal rings are bonded to the stainless steel rather than press fit. This allows the SurePump to work in applications where other designs fail.

Control panels built by EPG are designed by electrical and process engineers; specialists who understand your process requirements as well as panel design. For you, this means the controls are perfectly matched to your system. Whether it is a standard panel, a standard panel modified to a specific application, a panel built to your design, or a panel custom designed by EPG, all control panels are designed to meet your specific control needs. This flexibility assures that the controller is a cost-effective integral part of your system. The result is optimum system performance and efficiency.

*Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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