Portable Liquid Level Monitoring System - LMSA 500

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The portable LevelMasterTM Stand Alone (LMSA) 500 Liquid Level Monitoring System is designed for sites that require only occassional monitoring and displaying of liquid levels in sideslope risers, wells, tanks, sumps, reservoirs, and settling ponds.

The LMSA 500 can be conveniently carried in the cab of a vehicle and operate from 12 volt DC power. The liquid level monitoring system includes the following time-tested, field proven components:

* Available seperately or as part of a complete system.

*LevelMaster™ CH 1000 Liquid Level Meter:

An easy-to-program liquid level display meter mounted on the outer door of the enclosure used to monitor liquid levels. Includes level meter memory, digital display and can be configured in any measurement increment. This liquid level meter has the same functioning capability as our 2551 liquid level meter but is also equipped with transducer overload and short-circuit protection.

Available options include:

  • A modbus port to facilitate accurate data acquisition via radio or RTU transmission
  • A separate 4-20mA output


The LMSA 500 system is housed in a NEMA 4X weatherproof, non-metallic enclosure and includes a weather tight signal cable receptical and ample room for the removable five foot power cord with heavy duty lighter plug.

Note: The LMSA 500 works with EPG's *LevelMaster™ Liquid Level Sensor - a fully submersible, extremely accurate level sensor with outstanding noise immunity, 316 Stainless Steel housing, built-in temperature compensation and precise calibration.

Available Options:

For more liquid level and flow measuring and control components, see:

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Portable Liquid Level Monitoring System
LMSA 500 Portable Liquid Level Monitoring System
Liquid Level Meter, Microprocessor-based level meter, liquid level metering
LevelMasterTM CH 1000 Liquid Level Meter *
Liquid Level Sensor, Submersible Level Sensor, Submersible Level Transducers
LevelMasterTM Level Sensor *
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