LevelMaster™ Level Monitoring System

Level Monitoring System

EPG LevelMaster monitoring system is designed and manufactured for continuous measurement and control of liquid levels. This includes highly corrosive, viscous, hot, explosive, and slurry-type liquids.

The level meter is factory tested and ready for immediate installation. The LevelMaster features a microprocessor-based digital display controller. The level transmitter is fully submersible and provides accurate level monitoring in wells, tanks, sumps, reservoirs, and settling ponds.

  • LevelMaster is compatible with the EPG SurePump TM or can be used in stand alone applications

  • Easy to install

  • Accurate and continuous measurement with display

  • Self-contained solid-state system with no moving parts

  • Measures the depth of almost any liquid

  • Simple to operate

  • Can be configured in any measurement increments

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