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The LevelMaster™ CH1000 Liquid Level Meter, a component of the EPG LevelMaster™ Liquid Level Measuring System, is used to monitor liquid levels and control equipment.

The microprocessor-based digital display level meter is dependable, easy to use and highly accurate. Unlike other meters, programming the CH1000 Liquid Level Meter can be completed in a few easy steps. Three outputs allow set up of three separate functions (ie. two pumps lead-lag mode and a high level alarm or a high/high high or high/low level alarm plus one pump). The meter has a nominal display rate of 2.5 updates per second, a response time of 500 ms per input step, will store the highest and lowest readings in meter memory until cleared and a built-in 24VDC Power Supply for 4-20 mA sensors.

  • An easy-to-use, accurate level meter to continuously monitor almost any liquid
  • Values can be set to any engineering unit and any measurement increments
  • Compatible with EPG's SurePump™ Sump Drainer or can be used in stand alone applications
  • Self-contained, solid-state system with no moving parts
  • Factory tested and ready for immediate installation
  • Easy to install, simple to operate
  • Provides five input variables

Available options:

  • Modbus port facilitating accurate data acquisition via radio or RTU transmission
  • Seperate 4-20mA output

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Monitoring Systems and Componenets

CH1000, Level Meter, Liquid Level Meter, Micro-Processor, Digital Display Level Meter
LevelMaster™ CH1000
Liquid Level Meter
LevelMaster™ CH1000 Level Meter Brochure

The CH1000 Level Meter can also be used as a cost effective local field display, providing additional equipment control options for telemetry and SCADA Systems. (See NBT, our telemetry hardware division)

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