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For over 25 years, EPG has provided landfill leachate recirculation systems and equipment to more than 800 landfills worldwide.

Leachate recirculation at landfills has shown to reduce leachate treatment costs, elevate landfill gas generation, and lessen the long term pollution potential.

Essentially the landfill is converted to an active in-situ bioreactor whereby anaerobic microbes are enhanced which accelerate treatment of leachate and the organic stabilization process of the landfill.


  • Waste Stabilization
  • Increased Gas Production
  • Decreased Disposal Cost
  • Speeds Waste Settlement

The Process

Typically leachate is pumped from a collection system to a variety of discharge points, including:

A. Vertical and/or horizontal injection wells
B. Spray aerators
C. Trickle irrigation networks
D. Ponds or lagoons

This process is often combined with a methane gas extraction system. The enhanced organic degradation from the recirculation of leachate elevates methane production. Leachate spraying has been effective at some sites, and represents the greatest potential of actual reduction of leachate to evaporation and evapotranspiration through vegetation. Trickle irrigation can also reduce leachate. Leachate is actively or passively aerated when it is directed to surface ponds or lagoons.

The System

The typical leachate recirculation system incorporates EPG's . . .

All controllers are equipped with cycle timers.

Precise leachate levels are maintained with the WSD wheled sump drainer pump and LevelMaster™ liquid level controls. The electric operated flow control valves direct flow to injection wells, spray aerators, trickle irrigation networks, or to ponds or lagoons all based on adjustable timers and sensor inputs. If a high leachate level occurs at the leachate collection system, flow is automatically diverted to a storage tank or sump. A VSD sump drainer pump and LevelMaster™ liquid level controls pump the diverted leachate to either a loadout truck or to the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). Flow to the recirculation system as well as diverted flow is recorded by flow rate and total meters.

EPG's SCADA and Telemetry Leachate Management Systems can also be utilized to accomplish all process control, real-time data recording and report generating all from a single master location.

EPG Control Panels, Leachate Controllers, Landfill Controller, Landfill Control System
Sump Drainers, Landfill Leachate Pumps
Stand Alone Level Monitoring Systems, Stand Alone Flow Metering Systems
Telemetry Leachate Management Systems
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