Major Causes of Pump and Control Problems at Landfills

New Installations:
  • Wrong Voltage or Phase
  • Cut Motor Leads
  • Damaged Sensors
  • Loose or Incorrect Connections
  • 3 Motor Running Backwards

    After Running First Few Days:
  • Power Surges (Lightning)
  • Installation Problems
  • Poor Connections
  • Damaged Parts
  • Pump Flow Rate Too High For Sump Design
  • Discharge Hose Has Become Disconnected
  • After Several Months in Service:
  • Grounding Problems
  • Power Surge
  • Pump Sized Incorrectly
  • Intake Screen/Impeller Plugged
  • Pump Upthrust
  • Methane Gas Migration

    Good troubleshooting is common sense. Do not overlook the obvious. Find and fix the problem. Be careful that you do not just fix the symptom. Be thorough. Step by step will generally save time!

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