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How can you get control over every function of your landfill system? How do you know if it's running with optimum efficiency? How can you monitor, discover and troubleshoot costly interruptions?

When many are trying to answer these questions, EPG is succeeding with dependable accuracy!

The integration of leachate and gas condensate equipment, sensors, monitors and process controllers requires the knowledge of an EPG professional with the experience and expertise to understand the overall operational requirements of even the most complex systems. Factors including site requirements, component characteristics, load demand and input/output informational parameters are carefully considered.

Do you want total control? Do you want fewer breakdowns and downtime? Do you want optimum system performance? Then you need a control panel built by EPG electrical and process engineers; seasoned specialists who understand your process requirements as well as panel design.

With over 5,000 successful installations world-wide, EPG control panels have been proven to deliver reliable, cost-effective and trouble-free control over every aspect of your system.

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EPG Control Panels
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